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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

εїз I MiSs YoU εїз

I miss you
miss your smile I miss your laugh I miss everything about you.
I see you everyday and all I can do is smile and wave.
When I really want you back I care so much for you.
I don't understand what did I do?

I thought we would be together for so long
You were so sweet and charming with you words you said.
But something happened I don't know what went wrong
I cried so hard just lying in my bed.

I say I am over you but I really know
I can't forget you and I never will.
I want you back and I love you so.
You don't even care and don't even know.

I saw you the other day
Talking to some girl I don't know
I stopped and stared I just couldn't look away.
It hurt so bad why did it have to turn out this way?

I guess we'll never be together again like I had wished.
I'll never forget you and the times we had.
The places we went and when we kissed.
I don't hate you and I am not pissed.

I just miss you so but I guess you'll never know.

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